15 Apr

Client - facilities & Manufacturing

Challenges - Client's electric system a host of problems for facilities and manufacturing as electric system was designed to be inappropriate and safety. 

This is a very important factor to reduce costs. reduce future expenses and most importantly, it is safe for the connected device. And of great importance is the safety of the operator's life. Therefore, a thorough design and thinking based on engineering principles is important.

Solution - We design, plan together with clients. In order to know the needs and plans in the future. In order to design a good system by engineers, experts and techniques according to engineering standards. We utilize the most modern innovation and engineering technology to enhance our design methods, providing the most successful solutions to improve the overall value of client project.

Outcome - Dozens of facilities and manufacturing with hundreds of units installed are enjoying the electric system design benefits of a reduce maintenance, high safety, convenience and modern technology.

Installed - Ongoing installations of main distribution board and main feeder have taken place since 2022 to today.

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